The Convention on Rights of the Child established guidelines in order to explain the main topic in violations of children’s rights, issues that, unfortunately, have no boundaries and are still detectable in the whole world. Some important laws have been approved, but most of the Convention’s articles are still outstanding or remain too general.

The right to education, the principle of non-discrimination, according to which all children should have the same rights without distinction of race, sex, language and religion, the fight against children exploitation and the rights of children with disabilities are still a problem also in our modern Western society. Even if the articles of the Convention are applicable to all the children, there are some specific groups of children from vulnerable target groups that they run a higher risk of their rights to be violated.

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The main objectives of our project are the following. We aim to bring disadvantaged children closer to the theatre by enabling them to participate in the development of theatre performances not only as an audience but also as co-creators. We encourage children to reflect on their rights and share their experiences and stories. We raise awareness on the Convention on the Rights of the Children. We promote an understanding and awareness of the value of the arts in the educational process. We aim to develop the skills of people working in the culture and creative sectors to use theatre in order to promote the social inclusion of children and to work on the Convention on the Rights of the Children.

In order to be able to achieve these objectives, the project will realise workshops with children in all partner countries. In the framework of these workshops the children will be able to express themselves freely and talk about the issues related with their rights.

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