Inspired by the Articles of the Convention for the Rights of the Child and the work that was done in the workshops with the children, the partners have created four performances.

All the performances are freely available through vimeo with english subtitles

The Italian performance, developed by Fondazione AIDA, is entitled "Attraversamenti" (Crossings). It is inspired by the Articles 6, 7, 12,14 and 32 of the Convention (the right to live, the right to a name, the right to give your opinion, the right to choose your own religion and beliefs, the right for protection from harmful work). The play narrates the story of a boy and a girl who meet by chance in a public garden and by chance they start talking about their past: two very different pasts. She is the daughter of a wealthy but bigoted and closed family. A family that sees in the daughter the possibility of realizing dreams that are only of the parents, who cannot recognize in the daughter a person with her own ability to want and desire. He, on the other hand, is a boy who comes from a distant and poor country, who has crossed the sea and experienced all sorts of mental and physical abuse, a boy in search of a well-being that he could not have in his country of origin.

The Greek performance, entitled "Children with rights, great achievements" was developed by Theatro Aeroploio and has focused on the articles 28 and 29 of the Convention, the right to a good quality education. The play narrates the story of three princes who start a long journey in order to find a medicine that could heal their sick father. One of the princes loves reading and writing while everybody else in the palace consider the books useless. The princes have to overcome many obstacles until they reach their destination.

The Serbian performance entitled "For your Own Good" is inspired by the articles 3, 36 and 42 of the Convention (All adults should do what is best for the children, the right to protection from exploitation, the right to know your rights). Using the structure of fairy tales and their deconstruction, the play explores the problematic side of the world we live in, with the aim to raise awareness of the rights of young people and children, but also to inspire and motivate us not to close our eyes to the violation of these rights.

Finally, the Czech performance, entitled "Has It Already Begun?" is inspired by the articles 6 and 29 of the convention (the right to live and the right to an education that will support the children to protect the environment and respect other people). The play is focusing on the ongoing ecological crisis which is presented as a detective story, where the artists together with their scientific advisor search for truth, facts and the traces of our society’s crime while offering an outlet and relief in a shared experience.