Fondazione Aida

Fondazione Aida is a cultural institution which has operated in the theatrical environment since 1983, recognized by the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Education. The Foundation’s activities address every age group and include the production of theatrical performances and festivals, educational workshops for children, kids, teachers and educators, free time and professional courses for technical, artistic and organizational operators as well as many other initiatives such as meetings, events and exhibits.


Fondazione Aida was founded in 1983 by a group of artists and theatrical professionals who decided to merge their experience to promote kid’s theatre. Since the beginning it was an open space, where artists from different backgrounds can collaborate in the production of new artistic creations. In 1987 the Ministry of Culture acknowledged the organization as a “Children’s Performing Arts Company”. In 1996 the organization became a private foundation: Fondazione Aida. Since 2003 it’s also a center of professional education accredited by Regione Veneto. Aida firmly believes that theatre is not only an essential part of cultural growth, but it is also a place where people can share their experiences and learn from each other.

The foundation has evolved from a group of 3 artists with a dream to a production company with 45 full and part-time staff with departments dedicated to communication, administration, production, publicity and fundraising. During this time, Aida has carried out several important exhibitions about culturally and historically significant figures from Italy. These exhibitions took place in United States and served as an opportunity to strengthen the cultural ties between United States and Italy, showcasing such artists as Pier Paolo Pasolini, Gianni Rodari, and Benni Montresor. Aida has made an important contribution to the local community by focusing on issues related to immigration and women’s rights. Fondazione Aida has obtained many grants from different cultural organizations throughout Europe. For 18 years now Fondazione Aida has provided top-level training courses for theatrical technicians, actors, and stage managers. Aida has also created events to promote appreciation of Italian history and wine, by using the heritage as an instrument to add touristic value to the region. At the moment, Aida arranges events and activities at four different theaters in different cities of Italy. Within the past four years Aida has been embarking on an exciting new endeavor, adding musicals to its theatrical repertoire.

In 2014 Aida and GlossaTeatro decided to combine their knowledge and professionalism to embark on a communal path. Founded in 1996 by the artist Pino Costalunga, GlossaTeatro performances are the result of in-depth musical and theatrical research. Always interested in the ability of local literary and folk culture to connect national and international cultures, Pino Costalunga and GlossaTeatro have always focused their attention on the WORD and the GESTURE. The WORD intended not only as a medium of communication, but also as an expressive medium, through dialect, poetry, and a combination of word and music. The GESTURE is seen as “body” or “incarnation of the word”, essential element of theatrical communication: from Commedia dell’Arte to the performance seen as a game of gestures and sounds. GlossaTeatro productions use traditions not as a nostalgic charming scene, but as a contemporary mirror, offering to the modern audience the opportunity to identify himself in the work, trying to understand the present moment, not always easy to decipher.

Space Management

Fondazione Aida manages some theatres, where it promotes theatrical culture: Teatro Stimate in Verona, Teatro Valle dei Laghi (TN), Teatro Anselmi di Pegognaga (MN), Teatro Martini in Trecenta (RO), Auditorium Vivaldi in Cassola (VI). Aida also organizes performances in various other theaters, i.e. Moglia and San Giorgio in Mantova (MN) and Zitella (VR).


– One of the few companies recognized by Italian Ministry of Culture (1987);

– Memorandum of Understanding with the Italian Ministry of Education for the realization of the Progetto Lettura (2000);

– Accredited and qualified by the Italian Ministry of Education as a teachers training center (2001);

– Framework Convention with University of Verona for the instructional-scientific partnership in the environment of artistic and performance disciplines (2007);

– Accredited by the Regione del Venetian Region as a continuous and higher education center (2003) in accordance with art.12 and following Civil Code and art.14 of DPR 24 July 1977 n. 616;

– Convention with the Fondazione Arena of Verona in the field of professional performance education.