A.T.T.I. (Theatrical association)is a non-profit cultural association from Trento founded in 2012 in Valle dei Laghi with the aim to promote and disseminate the performing arts. Based in Valle dei Laghi Theater it became a place of "making culture" recognized from the Trentino area (and not only). It's a creation place of theatrical art art through residences and productions. In 2013, gives life to a solidarity project called Diversamente a Teatro that connects theater to solidarity. This project interest young person with cognitive disability that lives in the Valle dei Laghi area. Through this project they aquire a real profession without discremination, this is a way to feel them part of the group. During the first year of this project they learned, through one training course, the profession of barman, box office worker, ticket controller and cleaner. After that year, a Cultural cafè was opened in the Valle deilaghi theater to offer them a continuous job.